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Function - Tasks

Introduction Functions and tasks of the Center


  • To receive, care for and nurture orphans under regulations and operation by the licensed contents and scope.
  • Publishing and publicly posting the Regulations on Operation and Regulations on Spending at the Center.
  • Ensure the process and standards of social assistance are under the provisions of law.


  • To receive, manage, care for and nurture orphaned children;
  • Coordinating with specialized agencies in providing primary health care services, adolescent health, assisting children in self-management, cultural, and physical training and sports activities, and other activities appropriate to the age and health of each group of children as prescribed by law;
  • To assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with units and organizations in teaching culture and vocational education to help subjects develop physically, intellectually, and personalities and integrate into the community under the law;
  • Provide social education services to help children develop problem-solving abilities; life skills training for children and adolescents;
  • Organizing training courses and seminars to provide knowledge and skills for children;
  • Management of subjects provided with social work services;
  • To assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with local authorities in bringing eligible or voluntary children out of the facility to return to their families and reintegrate into the community; support and create conditions for the children to stabilize their lives;
  • Manage finances, assets, officers, employees, and employees under the law;
  • Organizations receive financial and in-kind support from domestic and foreign agencies, organizations, and individuals to carry out their operations under the law.

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