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After more than two months of summer vacation, today, all of the children returned to the "Common House" to prepare the conditions to enter the new school year.

On August 16, 2022, the Center organized a meeting for the children at the beginning of the year and welcomed two new members, namely: Tran Thi Kim Thuong, an 8th grade student from Van Hoa village, Trieu Hoa commune, Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri province and Duong Hoang Bao Ngoc, an 7th grade student  from the 12th residential group, An Cuu ward, Hue city. Both of them, despite being orphaned, have very difficult families, but have risen up and are continuously recognized as excellent students of the school. With the dream of becoming a teacher, a doctor of nursing in the future and a desire to support their children step by step to achieve their dreams, the two young people have left a very good impression in everyone's hearts.

Besides the children today, all the Center's staff - teachers - along with the nuns: Thich Quang Nguyet and Ms. Huong (former psychologist of the Center) also came to celebrate with the children.

In Particular, Mr. Le Tu Chau - Deputy Director of IMG Hue Company and Ms. Le Thi Thanh Nga, the accountant, were also present to encourage the children before entering the new school year. Uncle Chau's words of confiding and advice like sending all the good things, faith, love, and expectations of the leaders of IMG Company and benefactors to the children.

Everyone was really touched when the sisters went ahead such as: Bao Ngoc, Thanh Ngan, Hoai Thuong accepted the responsibility to love, guide and share with the children, they promised to protect, unite and love each other. like sisters.

Hopefully, in a new school year, the childrens will reap many achievements in learning, training and cultivating life skills to gradually conquer your dreams.

The children are happy to return to the Common House IMG

Two new members: Kim Thuong and Bao Ngoc

Uncle Le Tu Chau - Deputy Director of IMG Hue confided and advised the children

Mr. Nguyen Duy Chinh - Director of the Center told the children


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