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The weather is warm, spring colors are full, especially, March is also a month with many major holidays, an ideal time for people to look forward to outdoor activities and bond.

Weekends are also an opportunity for the children in "IMG Hue Common House" to experience many interesting activities.

On the evening of March 7, the children participated in a flower arrangement contest to celebrate her and give her friends. It is worth noting here: The children know how to choose and express ideas, know how to express their feelings, know how to connect group members to work together. Although still new, Duong Hoang Bao Ngoc presented his group's feelings quite fluently. Tuan Hung, who was timid, for the first time boldly expressed his thoughts in front of the group.

The children participated in flower arrangement

Artwork of 2 teams

In particular, on March 12, 2023, the children had a day to experience and participate fully in attractive games with the support of both material and means as well as the active guidance of their brothers and sisters  from the Education NARASA HILLS-EduFarm-BBQ&Coffee farm.

After the games: Passing round, jumping sacks, tug of war, jigsaw puzzles, children can participate in the game: blindfolded to catch ducks, go down to the pond to catch fish.

The most attractive is the game Shaking bridge. Although small, Van Luu is very skillful in movement games. Bao Ngoc threw herself out with her teammates. Ms. Thanh Ngan always shows the role of "older sister" in all activities, skillful, technical and delicate when performing all tasks as well as games, even though it is covered with mud, wet clothes... but everyone who is always full of energy, plays hard to the last second.

After the games, everyone happily grilled the fish they caught…

What a memorable day!!!

Some pictures of the children's fun activities:

The lineup prepares for an exciting trip

The children enjoyed exploring Narasa Hills Farm

Let's start with a puzzle game

02 teams play the Bag jumping competition

Exciting and interesting with the game of shaking bridge

The children enjoy the food at Narasa Hills farm

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