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Life skills teaching activities with monks and nuns of the Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Hue

Life skills education activities regularly took place every Sunday afternoon. Not only the Center's staff but also the students of Hue University of Education, especially the monks and nuns of the Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Hue, participate in organizing activities to educate life skills for children. Therefore, they can be exposed to many different subjects which gives them courage and expands their relationships and communication skills.

Students competing in "King of young chefs".

Competition jury members.

Children's products won the first prize.

Teachers enjoy the results of the children.

The monks, nuns and students guide children to arrange flowers.

The results of the children after the lesson.

The "Meditation and Qigong" class directs students to good values in character and limits
the influence of negative external factors.

Spending a lot of time and enthusiasm in organizing lessons, interacting with the children, the monks and nuns also gave many gifts including confectionery, milk, learning materials, and small gifts such as bracelets, hairpins, and Buddha statues… make them feel more care, warmth, and support from society.


The monks and nuns, students giving gifts to the children.



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