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SHARE IS HAPPINESS – Grateful for Maturity

The heavy rain in Hue brings with it the cold weather of the last days of the year, making everyone feel like they want to get closer together, share the warmth, and gather together. The "common house" is always warmed by the love of volunteers.

The aunts and uncles of Dao Trang Van Phat Van Phuoc Pagoda and representatives of the Buddhists came to meet, exchange intimately and support bicycles to help the children have transportation to school.

Ms. LyLy Pham from Ho Chi Minh City and Ms. Khanh Linh also sent lovely Christmas gifts to the children.

Ms. LyLy Pham visited and gave gifts to the children on the occasion of Christmas

Taking advantage of the warm weather, the children re-entered the Christmas atmosphere on the streets, through Vincom, the Redemptorist Order, Go supermarket, sipping milk tea.

The children's warm Christmas night

A gathering on New Year's holidays, a glass of smoothie, a few sips of ginger tea…. an exchange dinner….A little…just a little bit but filled with love, warming both the giver and the receiver.

The first morning of 2023

Hopefully, the children's journey into life under the "common roof" will bring the warmth of love every day.

Mai Thi My Le

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