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April is coming to the end of the third stage in a school year, the whole family recognizes the efforts of the members, all of you have improved academic results that are much better than the first semester.

Looking at the radiant faces of Duong Hoang Bao Ngoc, Kim Thuong, Van Luu, ... when talking about their test results, teachers and aunts and uncles seem to see their students' age coming back to life.

The cutest is Ut Hue, although her ability is not outstanding, at the beginning of the school year, the teachers are worried, but Ut asserts his determination through each small step like a silent warrior surpassing herself.

April is also a special milestone for two members Thanh Ngan and Van Luu. The new age of these two friends is so warm when the whole family gathers together with simple dishes, colorful Hue dishes prepared by Miss Nguyet. Some fruit, candies, and a pretty basket of fruits…

Add a few cups of Ms. Khanh Linh's milk tea and of course indispensable Birthday Cake to make the table more juicy. The whole family sends their love, best wishes and beautiful gifts to the two sisters on the occasion of the new birthday year!

New age with many wishes of two little friends

Teachers' gifts and words of love to childrens

April is also a sprint period, focusing on revision and year-end exams is still the most important task of each member. Each child sets a goal for themselves to strive for.

The first good news is that Duong Hoang Bao Ngoc has been included in the school's team of excellent students in literature. Ms. Nguyen Minh Bao Ngoc, with the support of the company's scholarship, after registering to study Chinese, went to Hanoi University to participate in the HSK4 competition. Hopefully that will help Ms. Bao Ngoc enter the university gate of her dream more smoothly!

No matter how busy April is in Hue, there are many festivals, but the children promise to focus on reviewing well to have a good end of the school year!

Mai Thi My Le

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