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Summer is here! The bunches of phoenix flowers show off their bright red color. From the family house, each of them returned to the place where the umbilical cord-cut vegetables were buried in nostalgia.

I remember waking up in the morning to the music of a fun morning exercise. I remember coming home from school, my older sisters swooped into the kitchen and happily helped her pick vegetables and clean up. I remember the hot meals, gathering with you to have fun, tell each other stories without end but always full of laughter. I remember the naps that forgot the whole hour of self-study aunts and uncles had to come knocking on the door to startle. Oh, my dear! Our eating age and sleeping age.

I remember young sister Hue going on a picnic with the whole school and being "privileged to ride a private car" because of car sickness. It was interesting because only I could go to many attractions that other students did not experience.

I remember the peak days of the epidemic season, the whole house suddenly calmed down in the anxiety of many people. Aunts and uncles take care of each meal and a glass of water to suit everyone's taste. At night, every room smelled of the fumigant.

I remember the times when there were friends who were interested in playing, and skipping classes, so aunts and uncles had to look for us with a disappointed faces. Oh, it was so embarrassing!

I remember the picnics, especially the time swimming at Thuan An beach. Some friends saw the vast sea for the first time, although a little afraid but encouraged, so everyone boldly practiced swimming, and diving. Besides, aunts and uncles had to surround us to ensure safety.

Farewell, in the summer, but the 9th-grade sisters were still engrossed in their review papers, then everyone burst into joy when they all got into the high schools of their choice.

So, summer has come. We have walked through a step of the path of learning and training, and everyone all looks forward to the day of convergence to return to the beloved house of IMG Hue!

Mai Thi My Le


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